Sofia's World

Once upon a time there was a little girl who had a little curl. 
She had a little puppy, her name was Mia, and then she ventured into the garden.
Then she saw another papillon puppy, his name was Mac. 
Then she saw a little Bilby called Pinky, and then she saw a lizard called Scattery  and a little frog called Froggy. She found her house and said
 "Phew, that was a long adventure." 

A little Song

Here is a little dumpling,
Singing a little song.
Here is a little child,
Singing the same song,
The child picks up the dumpling,
And they sing together.

Little Dog

Little dog fly away,
Little dog come back,
Little dog give a
Little kiss and then you can go.

Please little dog take me,
To fly in the clouds,
We can play games,
We can dance,
Dance the Cha Cha Cha,
Dane the Polka.

I would like to stay with you,
Forever and ever and ever,
I love you little dog.

Out for Tea

Three  little dogs went out for tea at King Henri's Court.
One dog saw a yellow and white butterfly fly into King Henri's Court.
She said to her mum and dad " There is my friend the butterfly"
They danced and played and drank some tea, they ate delicious food.
Then the little butterfly said " Can I stay with you, I don't have anywhere to live"
So she went with the dogs home to stay and they lived happily ever after.

The Owl and the Possum

Once upon a time there was an owl who lived in a little tree and the possums loved to eat the leaves which came from this tree. One day Mother possum said to one of her babies "go and collect some leaves from the tree where the owl lives."

The Little possum went to the owl tree and said to Mrs Owl "can I have some of the leaves from your tree to take home for my mummy?"

Mrs Owl said, "hoot, hoot, of course you can."  She went flew up into the branches and collected some of the leaves and put them into a pile for Little possum to take to her mother.

"Thank you Mrs Owl" said Little possum as she gathered the leaves.

Her mother was very happy when she brought all the leaves home and said "thank you Little possum."

Then they had a wonderful feast.

The Lost Voice of Love

The Pegasus pony flew around and around the sky, she couldn't talk because she had lost her voice.  On this particular day a little rabbit saw her and said " Oh dear look at that pony."

She ran to mother and said to her  "come, come"  
Her mother replied "what is it darling?"
"Come with me and I'll show you."

She took her mum to the Pegasus pony and asked what its name was?  The pony didn't answer it just shook it's head.
Mummy said "my name is Molly and the little one is Polly."
The pony still did not answer she just opened her mouth.

Molly, Polly and Pegasus went singing through the forest and this is the song they sang,
"Singing we are walking through the forest in the dark, dark woods.  
Singing we are walking through the forest in the dark, dark woods. 
We hear a splash and then we stop to listen."

This is when the trio stopped singing. They saw an enormous lake with a hippopotamus splashing about. They called out to the hippo "Please can we climb on your back so you can take us across to the other side?"
The Hippo said "ok" and he took them across.
Once they were across on dry land they all gasped "Oh there is another lake with a crocodile."

The crocodile called to them and said with a mischievous grin "Hop on board."
They climbed onto his back and suddenly he flicked his tail sending them flying through the air and landing into the water.
The Hippo came to the rescue, "hop onto my back I'll take you safely across" and he did take them safely across.

After such an adventure the Hippo took them to his cosy home in the forest. Just as they were all climbing of his back the little rabbit Polly squealed with delight "I found the heart on your back Hippo, The lost voice of Love."

Mummy picked up the heart and placed it on Pegasus chest. Pegasus said "I love you all my friends, thank you for helping me to find my lost voice."

The Lost Voice of Song

Polly and Molly were putting their space suites on just before they climbed on board the rocket ship.  When they were settled, which took some time the space ship finally took off for the moon.  Meanwhile Pegasus flew to the moon by himself.

Molly and Polly saw Pegasus talking to an unusual fellow who was sprinkling sand on his friend the Moon Worm. Polly asked the Sand Man and Moon Worm if they had found the Lost Voice of Song?
The Sand Man said "I have some sand song." so he put the sand in his mouth and then began to sing, it worked !!  "He started singing Thanks allot, Thanks allot, Thanks, Thanks, Thanks."

So the rabbits Polly and Molly took the pot of sand that the Sand Man gave them and giving him a hug they said "Thank you" and then helped Pegasus to eat just enough sand from the pot so he would be able to sing again.  Oh how he sang, "Thanks allot, Thanks allot, Thanks, Thanks, Thanks."

They said good bye to the Sand Man and Moon Worm and promised to return once they had finished their journey to the mouse house.  The Sand Man said "do you know where to find  Miss Mouse?"
"No we are just following our hearts," they replied.
The Sand Man said he knew where to find Miss Mouse and told them the best route to take:

Through the land of the Memory Mole and continue through Fru Fru world, then go to the spotted Mouse House which is in the middle of Pink Land.  Miss Mouse has  pink dots on a red house with purple pansies, daisy's, azaleas and many flowers which the bee's love.  Press the door bell and Miss Mouse will look to see who is there through a telescope as she will be doing her Spring cleaning.

Polly,Molly and Pegasus thanked the Sand Man and Moon Worm and then they flew off to find the Memory Mole.

The Lost Voice of Thanks

In a hole in the woods of Memory Land there lived a Mole and near his home there was a river.  The Memory Mole had lots of memories in his home hole.

There was also a fairy helper that lived with the Mole she was waiting for Pegasus and Molly and Polly to arrive.

When they got there the Memory Mole and Fairy helper searched through all the jars of memories until at last they found the jar which had the 'Lost Voice of Thanks.'

The Fairy helper gave it to Pegasus and he placed it onto of his heart.  Pegasus said 'Thanks, Thanks, Thanks.' "Thank you my friends for helping me to find the 'Lost Voice of Thanks.'"

They all sat down to have dinner beside the river which the fairies had prepared for them.  They had a beautiful feast and a wonderful time eating and dancing with their new friends.

All to soon the time came for Pegasus, Polly and Molly to leave, they said good bye to their friends and Thanked them for a wonderful day.

The Lost Voice of Fruit

Fru Fru World was a hidden world found inside a beautiful teapot with a very pretty Angle sitting on top.
This was a very unusual world and on this particular day three new strangers had come to town.

Molly, Polly and Pegasus went to have morning tea when suddenly Little Fru Fru who looked like a small ball of fluff jumped out and said, 
'No don't eat that!'
The three friends who were just about to crunch into their delicious food stopped to listen to what little Fru Fru was going to say.

She said, 'You have to make a wish first'

So Pegasus wished for His lost voice of fruit, Polly wished for a pretty new Tu Tu, a soft new blanket and a lovely bedside table to put her lamp on and

Molly wished for a beautiful flowers hanging from a chandelier  for her room, some potted plants of blackberries and strawberries, a new pan, cutlery and of course a little teapot for her tea.

The Angel who was playing some music near by said, 'all your wishes will be granted except for Pegasus......
The rabbits Molly and Polly were very surprised and said 'we have actually  been given the things we have been dreaming for!'

And then after all the excitement they continued with there morning tea, biting into the wondrous and exotic fruits.

Suddenly Pegasus started to sing 
' Fruit, fruit, that's all I get,
Fruit , fruit, that's all I get,
Fruit, fruit, that's all I get,
That's all I get today.'

But that's not all he received was it!

The Dotted Mouse House

In the Dotted Mouse House Pinki was looking through her telescope when suddenly she turned and said 'Hello my friends,' to Pegasus, Polly and Molly who had all journeyed from Fru Fru Land, (which wasn't to far away.)

Pinki then said  'I have been waiting for you to come to visit me and I thought I should look through these jars to see if your voice was here, Pegasus.'
Unfortunately it wasn't, so Pinki told them how to go in search for Pegasus's Voice.

'Firstly go through Cupcake Mountain, through The Forest of Cherries, through Fairy Land, Horse Land and lastly to Hat Land......  Pinki explained.

So all of the three friends went up along the path at Cupcake Mountains and of-course ate some cake along the way. Through Cherry Woods, where they collected some of the delectable cherries in a basket. They all suddenly became very tired and had to stop for refreshments which just happened to be the Famous Cherry Drink!!!  They were so refreshed afterwards they decided to continue on their way  to Fairy Land, where they played Hide and seek with some of the fairies before moving on to Horse Land where as you might have guessed it, they played with the horses.After which they move on to Hat land and there they tried on many different styles of hats, colours and sizes.

The three friends were very tired by this stage and were about to find somewhere refreshing to sit down when suddenly their friend Pinki from The Spotted Mouse House appeared and said 'Surprise, I have a party for you!'

The Moon Worm jumped out first, then the Sand Man, Mr Mole with his Fairy Helper and all the other friends they had made along the way.  They had a wonderful party and near the end Pinke the Mouse handed Pegasus a lovely present.  Inside the box they searched and searched  but there was nothing there! Pegasus said 'I can't see a present in here?'  and Pinkie in return answered ' That is because your voice has been inside you all along !!!!!'

But along the way you have grown and changed a great deal and now you are YOU.

 Lost Treasure and the Fairies

Once in a story Rosy the Fairy who always wore a rose dress, went to a party and there was cake, juice, honeysuckle, watermelon dew and a special honey cake.  On this particular day it was Rosy's birthday, she was turning 7. Butterfly legs came, birdie, Tweety, Pinky, Bilby, Floppsy and rainbow the squirrel all came to the party. At the party a special story teller was going to come so they were all so excited. 
The story she was going to tell them was called 'The treasure and the Pony' when they were all ready to listen she began.

Once upon a time the was a pony looking for some treasure and she found the treasure,  buried in the park, it was Gold! After this she went to the beach and found a lamp buried underneath the sand in a box.  When she was just about to go home to show her friends she heard a howling and then saw a hole nearby.  In the hole which was very,very deep there was a gorgeous puppy with roses on her her ears and cheeks smelling like fresh flowers.

The story ended and a magician came he turned a little yellow bird into a pink one, a pink rabbit into a rainbow rabbit. They has so much fun but all to soon he had to leave. 
Then they watched a movie called Rosy and Tink which they all loved so very much.After all these wonderful things had finished they went to eat the most delicious feast.  It was the best party that Rosy ever had.

The Hollow Tree

Once there were two dogs, and they had a baby called Fluffy.  Fluffy grew up to be a big strong girl just like her mother.

One day, when she was only a baby,  Mr Fox came to visit and he said. "Oh she is just like her mother." they talked for some time while enjoying afternoon tea, with tea of course, cup cakes, and a enormous chocolate cake. After they had finished eating he suddenly went.

The next day was beautiful and sunny so Mrs Bilby came to call.  When she laid her eyes on Fluffy she exclaimed "Isn't she gorgeous just like her mother." She too stayed for tea but this time it was morning tea.

The next day was raining, actually it was pouring, so nobody came to visit.

After this day it was flooded all around the hollow tree where they lived. Mac woke up Mia and said "Look Mia!"
Mia looked around and saw the flood, she was terrified and then she saw all the other animals that they knew who lived around the hollow tree. They had all come to find shelter with them.

So they all lived together happily ever after.

The Pot of Gold

Once a little girl went to see the pot of gold under the rainbow with her dog Mia.

She saw the pot of gold and ran under the rainbow. 
She had a funny feeling inside, so she went and looked at herself in the pond which was near the pot of gold.
She saw herself and realised she was now a Unicorn, a pink one and her dog Mia was now a purple Unicorn.

A Blue Bird fluttered towards them and said " You are unicorns and should be in your homes"
Mia said " We are not really unicorns I am a dog and she is a human" 
"Well, you will have to go to see the wizard. First go through Poneyville on to Rainbowville and then through the land of Swan Lake. You will be in the Land of Fairies and they will take you to see the Wizard.""
They said thank you to the Blue Bird and started on their journey.


Now Sofia was walking through Ponyville when Mia saw two boys. One was a dog and one was a boy.
Mia said "Maybe they could come with us on our journey." Sofia thought this was a good idea so they went to ask them.
The boys were very happy to go with them.

They said "you are unicorns! "
So Sofia and Mia explained how the were changed into unicorns as they went under the rainbow and that they now had to travel to the Land of Fairies to find the Wizard.
Mac said "Oh you are so beautiful Mia."
and Paul said "you are so beautiful Sofia."

They then started on their journey, but first they stopped to have some morning tea at Maurelle's Red Cafe

 They had some milk and a delicious light and fluffy cake which tasted so heavenly!
After finishing  morning tea they set out on their journey to Rainbowville. 


The boys were very nice on the trip, they helped Mia and Sofia so much, they carried supplies for them, showed them the way to go and gave them lots of helpful advice.

Finally they arrived in Rainbowville and everything was dazzling and beautifully coloured, with rainbows here and there. There were rainbow shops, rainbow clothes, rainbow cafes, and every animal was rainbow coloured.
They saw two little children walking and Paul asked them where they were going? 
The children said "We don't know where we are going, were're lost!  We don't have a Mummy or a Dadda,
can we live with you?"
Mia said "Of course you can," and all the others agreed.
They told them they had to go to the land of the Fairies to find the Wizard who would help Mia and Sofia turn back into their true selves.
The children said "we will be good."
"Of course you will," replied Mia.

They then carried on their way until they came to a Rainbow Cafe.
By this time they we all hungry so they had morning tea at the cafe called Rose.
They had milk with ice and chocolate biscuits.
After morning tea the went to the pet shop and brought a rainbow coloured rabbit for the children.
After this they were then ready to continue their journey  to the Land of the Fairies.

The Swan of the Lake

Now the children were skipping in the meadows in-front of everyone else as they continued on there way to the see the Swan of the Lake. The children had skipped a bit to far and they were the first to see the beautiful yellow, pink and white unicorn, it was the prettiest unicorn that they had ever seen. 

There was a gentle breeze blowing in the air which carried the delighted squeals of laughter to the others.  The others though what could be happening, they looked and saw a  most beautiful unicorn.  
"The Unicorn said I know your names Paul, Sofia, Mac and Mia you need to find the Swan of the Lake don't you, I'll take you.

You need to go to the land of Swans and when you see her you will know her. I will take you to the edge of the Lake and then fly you across."
So she did.

When they had got safely across they said "Thank you so much." and the children gave her some biscuits.
The Swan they had to meet ,The Swan of the Lake, was  rainbow coloured. She was so beautiful and elegant. 
They said "Hello, what is your name?"
"My name is Star-cross Light, but you can just call me Star."
Mia gave her a a little ring with dolphins on it. She said Thank you Mia"
And then she took them all to her cosy house for tea.

Butterfly Flower Land

Now the children were skipping with their friends and there lovely Rainbow Rabbit.
They saw a meadow which they walked through. After walking through the meadow they saw a giant lake.  There were 500 crocodiles in the lake as well as 500 sharks and 1,000 dolphins.  The dolphins saved the friends, all of them from the crocodiles and sharks and took them safely  across it to Butterfly Flower Land.  The dolphins said, "the unicorn called Bright Eyes will take you to the Queen of Butterfly Flower Land."

In one minute the dolphin was gone and in the next minute the unicorn was there and she took them without saying anything.  
When they were nearly at the palace she said, "my name is Bright Eyes."

They were at the Castle finally and the friends said, "we would like to see the Wizard?"  
"But the Wizard is where you first started your journey!" replied the Queen.

For one hundred years the friends walked and walked and swam and swam across lands and lakes, until finally the arrive back to where they had started.  They called for the Wizard to come, but he didn't jump out.  All the friends they had meet on their journey arrived  and they said all together, "where is the Wizard?" 
The two unicorns said, "Look up."  All the friends looked up and they saw three fairies and a Wizard.  The three fairies and the Wizard came down and sang. "We are going to have our cake our cupcakes and our food, that is what we will eat today, today!"  

After eating, the Wizard said, "I will send you home, just close your eyes and make a wish." 

They wished all together and a wonderful thing happened...... 
They all turned in to humans and Mia said Oh thank you Mum.


Is Coming and I wish for you all

 A very, very Merry Christmas
Filled with happiness 

Warm friendship
Spending special time with family
Many many Delights

Lots and Lots of
From Me, a Princess, Sofia

I am going to ride my horse 
back to the Secret Garden now.
Have a wonderful

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